Phase 1:

  • Develop and launch the official Leverage Protocol website

  • Deploy and test testnet contract to ensure a secure and stable platform

  • Launch the Leverage Protocol token (LEVX), with a focus on a fair and decentralized distribution

  • Finalize and deploy the mainnet contract, ensuring full functionality and security

Phase 2:

  • Release the staking contract, enabling LEVX token holders to earn passive income by holding and staking their tokens

  • Unveil the platform's user interface and user experience design, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience for traders and lenders

  • Launch on Arbitrum, providing users with fast and low-cost transactions on a Layer 2 scaling solution

  • Launch the Leverage Protocol DAO, providing a decentralized governance structure for the platform

Phase 3:

  • Execute large-scale influencer marketing campaigns, increasing awareness and adoption of Leverage Protocol among a wider audience

  • Establish partnerships with other communities, expanding the reach and utility of the platform

  • Launch Shibarium, providing users with a unique and innovative DeFi experience

Phase 4:

  • Secure listings on Tier 3 centralized exchanges, increasing liquidity and accessibility for users

  • Launch social media marketing campaigns, further increasing awareness and engagement with the Leverage Protocol community

  • Release the LEVX private custodial wallet, providing users with the highest level of security for their assets and transactions.

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