💡How it started?

Leverage Protocol was born out of a desire to address the limitations and shortcomings of existing centralised exchanges. As the cryptocurrency market has grown in size and popularity, it has become increasingly clear that centralized exchanges have significant drawbacks, including the need to entrust assets to third-party custodians and the potential for centralised control to be abused.

We recognized the need for a decentralised alternative that would give users complete control over their assets and transactions, and we set out to create a platform that would provide a secure, transparent, and efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage directly from users' wallets.

Our team has extensive experience in both traditional finance and the cryptocurrency industry, and we are passionate about the potential of decentralised finance to transform the financial industry. With Leverage Protocol, we aim to empower traders and lenders by providing a fully decentralised platform that enables leveraged trading and lending with complete control over their funds.

We believe that the future of finance is decentralised and that the transition to a native financial layer on the internet is critical for humanity. We are committed to advancing this vision by continuing to innovate and develop cutting-edge solutions that enable decentralised trading and lending for everyone.

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